Paradise Lavender Farm

     The mission of Paradise Lavender Farm is to create a place of peace and calmness surrounded by rows of purple aromatic beauty from the lovely lavender plant.

     Our desire is for people to replace their worries with tranquility and a sense of well being when gathering in this spot.

We have a great love for lavender and want others to feel our passion.  Our goal is to share the health benefits of lavender and how it can enrich your mind, spirit and body.

     In the future, we hope our lavender farm will become a favorite spot where visitors can come cut their own lavender in season, read and relax in nature and gather for special events.

Lavender Day Festival 
turday July 6th, 2019  10AM - 5PM 
at Ross
& Ross

Lavender Plants/products for sale 

Craft Vendors

Beer and Wine Tasting

Food Vendors

Educational Talks

Live Music