Garden Supplies

Here at Ross & Ross, we offer products for all your gardening needs. Insecticides, Fertilizers, Soils, Gardening Tools, Gloves, Pots, Bagged Soils and Mulch, and Terrarium Supplies. See below for an in-depth list of the products we carry.

Sprays and Powders:

Deer Out deer repellant

Bonide Insecticides and Fungicides

Ortho Insecticides

Jack's Classic Granular Fertilizers

Espoma Organic Granular Fertilizers

Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish and Seaweed Fertilizers

Jonathan Green Grass Seed and Mag-I-Cal

Diatomaceous Earth

Rooting Powder

Tools and Garden Goods:

Nitrite and Goat Skin Gloves

Shears and Pruners

Garden ties


Soil Knives

Weed Barrier

Wooden and Bamboo Stakes

Plant Stands

Bird houses, feeds, and baths

Wrought Iron Hooks

Pots and Planters:

Terracotta pots

Self-watering Pots

Glazed Ceramic Pots

Decorative Pots

Coco Liner Planters and Hanging baskets

Air plant displays

Glass Terrariums

Hanging Glass air plant globes

Macrame Plant Hangers

Tiered Planters

Bagged Soils and Mulches:

Potting Soil (Organic)

Planting Soil

Top Soil


Peat Moss

Black and Brown Mulch

Pine Bark

Cedar Mulch

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