Garden Center

Our gardens are our outdoor sanctuaries.  Big or small, a well-designed landscape provides four seasons of color and interest.  To help our customers accomplish this, Ross & Ross offers the following:

Annuals:  Planted every year, annuals add so much to the landscape by providing instant abundant, beautiful color and texture to window boxes, raised beds, patio and porch containers, and hanging baskets.  When added to borders and the garden bed, annuals add a "finishing touch" by filling and brightening empty spaces with color all season long.

Perennials:  A must-have in any landscape.  Returning every year, perennial plants grow in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  They are a beautiful and lower-maintenance solution to ensuring color and texture to the landscape that lasts for years.  Besides beautiful, perennials are hardy and diverse.  Whether your site is shaded and moist, or sunny and dry there is always a perennial that will fit your site conditions.

Shrubs and Trees:  These are necessities in any landscape.  Shrubs frame the house, and trees and shrubs provide structure and focal points while contributing strength and definition to the landscape and provide shade.  Whether evergreen, fruit-bearing or flowering ornamental, trees and shrubs are essential elements to a completed landscape.

Soils, Mulch, and Stone:  We sell quality soils and mulch by the bag or in bulk.  We sell a variety of stone in bulk as well.  Not sure how much you need for your project?  Don't worry, let us help you figure it out.  Delivery of bulk products is available.  A minimum of two yards is required.

Fertilizers, Soil Amendments, and Grass Seed:  A large selection of quality products (including organic) is always available.

Vegetables and Herbs:  One of the best ways to enjoy the freshest vegetables and herbs is to grow them yourself.  Whether you grow them in small containers or big raised beds, select from our large variety (including organic) of vegetables and herbs.  Starting plants indoors?  Come to the garden center in the spring and choose your seeds.

Aquatic Plants:  Water gardeners, come and see our selection of pond plants!

Houseplants:  Our greenhouse is always full of greenery to enhance your indoor spaces.  Besides beautifying your home or office, indoor plants enhance quality of life by increasing oxygen levels, purifying the air, and, they release moisture vapor which increases air humidity.  Indoor plants also promote calming by relieving stress.  Houseplants are also very thoughtful gifts!

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